Why Health Test?

All dogs are at risk of inheriting diseases, regardless of whether they are purebred or crossbred dogs. A substantial amount of research has been carried out to analyze these diseases by investigating important factors such as what causes them, which breeds may be affected and how the disease is inherited. Funding into this type of research has enabled the development of DNA tests and health screening schemes, which allow breeders to help reduce the number of affected dogs being bred and eventually eradicate these conditions.    

Making Informed Health Decisions for Breeding 

Where DNA tests and screening schemes are available, breeders are able to test their breeding stock for these inherited diseases before the dogs are bred from. Testing all potential breeding stock allows breeders to better understand the kind of genes a dog may pass on to its offspring, giving them the information required to avoid producing clinically affected puppies. Making informed decisions from health test results enables breeders to adapt their breeding programs and reduce the risk of the diseases appearing in future generations.

Reassuring Puppy Buyers

Puppy buyers should ensure that any puppies they consider buying are from parents that have been appropriately health tested. By breeders health testing their potential breeding stock and by us using those results responsibly, puppy buyers can be reassured that there is a lower risk of the puppy developing the specific inherited disease that was tested for. 

Diagnosis of Genetic Disorders for ALL Dog Owners

Regardless of whether you use your dog for breeding, if you think it is at risk of developing, or may be suffering from an inherited disorder, it is important to test your dog in order to know their health status. Not all inherited conditions are congenital, i.e. present at birth. By knowing the health status of your dog, it may enable you to seek essential early treatment.

Furthering Research

Health test results provide data which allow researchers to help develop a picture of how each breed is affected by particular diseases, how best to improve the health of affected breeds and to develop cheaper and faster testing methods. The data from these results can be monitored to show how the number of affected dogs has changed over time, whether it has improved or worsened and if a specific disease is no longer a risk for the population.

Types of Health Tests Available

There are two general types of health tests that are available, DNA testing schemes for simple inherited disease and clinical screening programs for complex inherited diseases.

 For further information on health testing for simple or complex inherited diseases, please contact us!

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